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New classic 新しい古典

Bunkamura オーチャードホール ベルリン・コーミッシェ・オーパー オペラ「魔笛」全2幕<ドイツ語上演・日本語字幕付き> 新演出の魅力













For the first time ever, I knew an opera made with projection mapping techniques! 


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snack and treat 03




Allegedly, Mitsuya Cider was a great favorite of Kenji MIYAZAWA.


The equivalent to the Japanese cider is soda pop in English.


Only people in Japan and the Republic of Korea call this soda saida ( equivalent to cider ) , which originally means alcoholic drink made from apples ( British English / cider , French / cidre ) .



Treats are to the mind what food is to the body! ;^)


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snack and treat 02

In Japan we have Matsutake mushroom flavored crisps / chips.


There is a saying that “matsutake mushrooms have the best aroma and tricholoma mushrooms have the best taste.”


Japanese people prefer the unique aroma of matsutake and consider it to represent autumn.


It is popular to cook them using methods that maximize the aroma, in dishes such as flavored rice, soup, steamed pot dishes and so on. (



Treats are to the mind what food is to the body! ;^)


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snack and treat 01


Yukimi Daifuku is a daifuku containing ice cream.


"Yukimi" is a Japanese word for snow watching or adoring of snow covered view.

Wood print form Edo period called ukiyo-e, also showing a scene of yukimi.


Famous painters who drew yukimi include Kuniyoshi UTAGAWA, Hiroshige UTAGAWA and Hokusai KATSUSHIKA.


"Tea house at Koishikawa. The morning after a snowfall" by Hokusai KATSUSHIKA


Works by Japanese painters including Hokusai KATSUSHIKA and Utamaro KITAGAWA exerted a dramatic influence on artists in Europe, especially France.


However, treats are to the mind what food is to the body! ;^)


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Pass me the salt


May Peace Prevail On Earth 世界人類が平和でありますように☆彡


( ′〜‵)ŧ‹”ŧ‹”ŧ‹”ŧ‹”


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I feel like a knight in shining armor


Walking down a long, straight path + cold wind battering hair and face + the sharp sound of horses' hoofs = perfect


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in Roppongi



六本木で白馬みつけた I found a white horse in Roppongi


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The Christmas tree that Enya planted in Tokyo.


I found “Enya Chiristmas tree” just chilling there like this.



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Heart of a Samurai

Ichiro eyes place to reach 3,000 hits and Heart of a Samurai イチロー3000本ヒット達成目前とサムライハート



Heart of a Samurai book trailer



A 2011 Newbery Honor Book by Margi Preus


> In 1841, a Japanese fishing vessel sinks. Its crew is forced to swim to a small, unknown island, where they are rescued by a passing American ship. Japan’s borders remain closed to all Western nations, so the crew sets off to America, learning English on the way.


> Manjiro, a fourteen-year-old boy, is curious and eager to learn everything he can about this new culture. Eventually the captain adopts Manjiro and takes him to his home in New England. The boy lives for some time in New England, and then heads to San Francisco to pan for gold. After many years, he makes it back to Japan, only to be imprisoned as an outsider. With his hard-won knowledge of the West, Manjiro is in a unique position to persuade the shogun to ease open the boundaries around Japan; he may even achieve his unlikely dream of becoming a samurai.


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The Bird and The Bee

Sweet Jesus, they loved Japan, before the earthquake disaster in March 2011.



The Bird and The Bee - Love Letter to Japan (Jimmy Kimmel Live)



Nishi kara higashi eto

(From the west to the east)


Anata no tokoro ni tondekitano

(I have flown to be near you)


Tooi michinori o anata no soba ni itakute

(I have come all this way to be close, to be here with you)


Kono omoi o subete anata ni sasagemasu

(And now, all my heart I will lay down precisely at your feet)


The Bird And The Bee - What's In The Middle


The Bird And The Bee - La La La


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